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Mookie’s Pet Treats offers high-value, high-quality,
low-cost, and delicious treats that are fresh and healthy
for our pets and yours.


Grace Lesser loves to bake and in November 2016, she began making fresh-baked dog treats for our family’s new puppy, Mookie. In January 2017 Grace was busy baking to raise funds for her 8th grade trip to Philadelphia and New York City and in that effort, we shared information and treats with our dog-loving friends. We received many orders and loved that dogs all over were now enjoying Mookie’s treats! Grace raised the money she needed to travel but still, we continued to bake. Our customer base grew and grew. In March 2018, we launched Mookie’s Treats, LLC!


The original flavor of Mookie’s Treats is peanut butter pumpkin. The ingredients are peanut butter, pumpkin, unsweetened applesauce, and flour. We also wanted a peanut-free option and Matty Lesser, Grace’s brother, lead the development. On January 4, 2019, we rolled out our second flavor: sunflower butter with ingredients of sunflower butter, pumpkin, unsweetened applesauce, and flour. In 2020 we developed our third flavor with cats in mind, and guess what….dogs love it too! It’s our tuna treat made with tuna, egg, water and flour.


Our treats are high-value, high-quality, low-cost and delicious! Humans can eat the treats but there is no added sugar, so they aren’t very sweet. It’s important to us that Mookie’s Treats are fresh and healthy for our dog and yours.


We love what we do and thank our furry customers, our friends, and our entire family (YOU) for keeping our passion alive!


Special thanks to Sharon Sinnott for entrepreneurial wisdom and encouragement. Susan Smith for the dog bone cookie cutter shape inspiration. Tara Shuman and Alicia Garbarino for sharing your business experience. Amy DePrisco Clerc, owner of Barking Beauties Pet Salon, for being our first retail order. Many friends and family members for sharing our treats and spreading the word. And to Nana Janet Morrissey for teaching us the joy and love of baking.


With love from the crew,
Mookie, Grace, Matty, Justin, Laurie, and Joel Lesser

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